Sponsorships Make a Difference

When you sponsor a child, you make a difference in a child's life in Brazil. A sponsorship creates a cross-cultural relationship for you and your sponsored child. The benefits of sponsoring a child through Socially Conscious Coffee include an authentic relationship and communication through e-mail letters with your child. As you share news and pictures with one another, you will witness your child grow. For a little more than $1 per day, you support the costs of a teacher, nutritious food, health programs, and school supplies for a child in need. 


We encourage all of our sponsors to build a relationship with their sponsored child. It is not mandatory but encouraged because the children want to build a friendship with their sponsors, and sponsors tell us they find it deeply rewarding. Your sponsored child will communicate with you through pictures and letters and you will see what life looks for a child in Brazil. Letters will be translated so you can correspond with your sponsored child.


Will my donation be given directly to my sponsored child and/or my child’s family?

No. We use your donation to meet your child's needs. The minimum sponsorship level of $35 per month pays for one child's school supplies, one child's portion of the cost of a classroom teacher, and safe drinking water, healthy food, and health programs for one child.

Will I sponsor a specific child?

Yes. Although it is not required, we invite and encourage you to communicate regularly with your sponsored child. We are confident that you will find this to be a joyful and rewarding experience.

How often may I communicate with my sponsored child?

Write as often as you like!  We will translate your communication with your child and your child’s communication with you as quickly as possible during the Brazilian school year of late March through early December.  Please send all communication with your sponsored child to sponsorachild@sccoffee.org.  

May I communicate directly with my sponsored child, such as by e-mail, phone, text message, internet, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media, etc.?

No.  Although we invite and encourage you to correspond with your child through Socially Conscious Coffee, in order to help ensure the safety and privacy of our children, sponsors may not enter into contact with their sponsored children directly by any method, including, but not limited to, e-mail, phone, text message, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, any social media, or any other method.  All communication between sponsor and child must go through and be monitored by Socially Conscious Coffee. We appreciate your support of our child safety policy which can be viewed here.

May I send gifts to my sponsored child through your program?

No.  Your sponsorship and regular communication is gift enough, and one of the most precious gifts your sponsored child will ever receive!

May I visit my sponsored child?

No.  Although we invite and encourage you to correspond regularly with your sponsored child through Socially Conscious Coffee, we are not able to facilitate visits between children and their sponsors.