Our work began with conversations with coffee farm workers in Encruzilhada, Bahia, Brazil. They told us there were not enough spaces in the local schools for their children and asked for our help. So, in 2005, we constructed the Educafé, where we have educated 200 children, and taught 40 adults to read. We have provided more than 100,000 healthy meals and safe water for more than 60 families. We have improved health, and supported adults in creating new sources of income, benefitting more than 350 individuals. We have trained 380 teachers, in 18 local schools, serving 12,000 children. Today, the government in Encruzilhada has built schools and hired teachers, and the teachers of these schools are using our methods. So, the Educafé has adapted to the changing needs of Encruzilhada.  Today, it serves as a community center and a gathering place for the local people.

Our new initiatives are touching even more lives.  We have expanded upon a partnership with FAMEC, a school in the nearby community of Vitória da Conquista.  Together, we provide 180 vulnerable children and adolescents with education, family support, safe drinking water, books, nourishing food, and more. 

We're also expanding to support other coffee producing communities in need in other parts of the world.