We provide what is most needed,
to the people in coffee who need it most. 


We provide education, promote sustainable prosperity, and foster healthy coffee producing communities.


Through a meaningful connection with coffee drinkers, all people of coffee producing communities are healthy, educated, prosperous and safe. 

In a child's words - "I couldn't imagine someone so far away could care about me."

Our Work

People in coffee producing communities often don't have access to schools, healthcare, adequate nutrition, clean water, or training in basic life skills needed for happy, healthy, productive lives. We're touching thousands of lives in coffee producing communities...

• 50+ people taught to grow food, educated on health, hygiene, and nutrition, and more
• 40 adults taught math skills and to read and write
• 200+ children educated
• 100,000+ nutritious meals served
• 8 surgeries provided
• 75 children received dental care
• 380 teachers trained in 18 schools
• 12,000 children benefitted from our teacher training
• 3 communities in 2 countries served, and counting

...and this is just the beginning.

Educafé: To schedule a class or presentation, please contact us at 720-201-1790 or

Show your support

Help us reach our campaign goal of $5,000 to provide shoes and socks for this boy and all the 233 children at the Municipal Nelzira Palles Preschool in Brazil. Every gift in any amount will help put shoes and socks on a child’s feet!